***Note: What do you think about 25% going "Fund for Gender Equality", 25% for you, 25% for me, 25% for supplies/bus trips? If think of something better, from what you read below, let me know.***

Every Donation made 25% goes to our collection which will be donated to "Fund for Gender Equality" > http://www.unwomen.org/en/trust-funds/fund-for-gender-equality/donate

Our goals
We teach children about gender equality through illustrations and story telling. we want girls to understand their power and capabilities and boys to understand there is no difference of what we can all do and how much we can do together. The proceeds will go towards bus trips we will take to schools on the East Coast which will include coloring workshops storytimes. The proceeds will also go towards printing the coloring pages and buying supplies for kids to color with! (we take supply donations too!)

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1) TRIPS: Visit schools and share our mission at schools all over the nation.